For those of you beloved lurkers who have grown to expect technical documentation from me, I wanted to let you know I haven’t abandoned that. I’ll still tag posts and you can filter by topic accordingly from the menu. The “rebranding” you have seen happening isn’t an indication of a change in direction, but rather growth in me as an individual. I’ve been working on reaching out to get to know new people, and the streaming community at Mixer has proven to be a gold mine of amazing individuals that inspire me.


“CrankyCaleb” was created on a whim when I couldn’t find any other adjectives available to combine for a username that would be available across a wide variety of platforms. No one wanted to be known as “cranky”, so that one was always available. It has evolved into so much more than that now. The new logo features a gear that reminds me of cranking, or starting something and working to move forward. It’s on fire because come on, fire easily makes everything way cooler (that ironic pun is a bonus).

Come chat sometime, even if you aren’t necessarily interested in gaming. I can promise you’ll meet a lot more good eggs than bad. As far as streaming myself, I started that because I love the tech. I love all the work that goes into building out a channel, the graphics, just the creative outlet and fun sharing. I keep doing that because of the people I’ve met. I don’t need a lot of “viewers” or “followers” as I don’t have any plans to attempt to monetize anything, but the people that do stop by make it all even more worth while. I wasn’t prepared for that part of this, but it looks like it could shape up to be an incredible journey.