Catching Up...

...and Moving Forward

For those of you beloved lurkers who have grown to expect technical documentation from me, I wanted to let you know I haven’t abandoned that. I’ll still tag posts and you can filter by topic accordingly from the menu. The “rebranding” you have seen happening isn’t an indication of a... [Read More]
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2019 AbleGamers Charity Campaign

Streaming for a Cause

I recently started streaming games on Mixer as a hobby. It’s a fun way to meet people with similar interests, and even organize multiplayer games. I don’t accept donations for doing things that I enjoy, but wanted to give an avenue for people that still have a desire to give... [Read More]
Tags: lighthearted, gaming

Upgrading to Nextcloud 14.0.1

Small Bump in the Road

With the Nextcloud upgrade to 14.0.1 I had an issue where the web based update would hang and logs just showed a cron job hung when it wasn’t at all. There has been some talk in support threads and I’ll post what worked for me. [Read More]
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